Pipeline Cleaning

PCS Ltd under the auspices of ITF undertook a JIP with ConocoPhillips,
Weatherford and BP to conduct a Proof of Concept Study. A 22 metre
clear plastic test loop was established to test the properties of the fluid.

The Proof of Concept has been successfully completed and has demonstrated that:

1. Uptake will suspend and remove large volumes and weight of solids, such as sand,gravel, fine heavy powder, rust and heavy oils in one pass of a single slug of Uptake,without the use of a PIG.
2. Uptake is compatible and can be used with most of the commonly used chemicals in the Oil Industry.
3. Uptake is easy to use and has a wide operating range with regard to Temperature (above100 degrees Celsius) and pH (1 to 14).
4. Uptake is much less viscous than Gels and has a higher solid carrying capacity.
5. Uptake is non toxic to animal and plants and Biodegradable.

David Liddle, strategic technology director of ITF said:

UPTAKE is one of the most unusual and exciting cross-over projects from another industry that we have been involved in and it certainly caught the interest of our members.