Pipeline Cleaning RigPCS Ltd  believes that Uptake could have uses in the physical cleaning of Pipelines, Tubing, Tanks and Containers of all sizes. The transport and movement of larger solids such as cuttings and propants. Chemical Cleaning, for the more efficient containment, transportation, and application of chemicals within a slug of Uptake.  Also, possible down hole uses.

Field Trials

In conjunction with ITF and participating sponsors we are undertaking a new phase of field trials and testing. We are actively looking for further partners to collaborate in the forthcoming work and there will be the opportunity for the inclusion of work on specific applications of interest to the participants.  The outcome of phase 2 will be the production of working prototype systems capable of being developed into commercial working systems for specific functions within the Oil and Gas industries

Please contact ourselves or ITF for further information.

The test loop and facilities are available for collaborative or independent testing and research.
Any enquires should be directed to the contact details supplied below.